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HANDS AROUND THE WORLD was founded in 1994 by Dr. David Steiner, who for many years lived and worked as a doctor in general practice in Jersey. He became involved with the States of Jersey Overseas Aid Programme, during which time the plight of many people in developing countries came to be of great personal concern.

On his return to Britain in 1993 after a year at a rural hospital in Zambia, David and his wife, Lynda, decided to use the experiences gained during the previous 22 years to set up an organisation which would offer practical assistance in response to a specific need, and the following year HANDS AROUND THE WORLD (HATW) was born.

“I could never cope with children dying, and it was this challenging experience which eventually led to the founding of HANDS AROUND THE WORLD” said David.

The Jersey branch of HANDS AROUND THE WORLD was established in 2007 from a group of HATW supporters. We have our own Trustees and have developed strong links with partners overseas.

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